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Rubber Seals

Rubber Seal Products in New Zealand

Field Rubber Ltd has more than five decades of experience in providing long and short runs of custom-moulded rubber products. Field Rubber are a company customers depend on when it comes to providing reliable rubber solutions, including general rubber seal products as well as long run industrial rubber components. 

Our range of rubber seal products are manufactured to a high level, making them particularly useful for industrial applications. 

Rubber Seals in Mechanical Equipment

Industrial workplaces usually contain mechanical equipment which can only function properly with the right parts. One broken component can dramatically slow down work operations, and it can be very trying when repairs take hours, only to discover that the whole problem was caused by a loose joint.

Rubber seals, including popular types like O-rings, are designed to secure mechanical parts, especially when they are in motion. They sit in a groove, compressing when two or more mechanical components are being fitted together. 

Because they are reliable, easy to manufacture and inexpensive, rubber seals are commonly used in machine designs and other applications such as rotating pump shafts and hydraulic cylinder pistons. 
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Quality Rubber Seal Products from Field Rubber Ltd

As they are used in a number of applications, rubber seals need to withstand varying amounts of compression pressure and mechanical stresses over time. 

Field Rubber Ltd has over 50 years of expertise in manufacturing high-quality rubber seals, and we make sure we deliver reliable products. 

We are well aware that rubber is both a complex and versatile material, and we use our expertise to help our customers make the most of its unique properties. 

Our team can customise rubber components to suit all your needs provided it is a large enough batch. We do not do one off, single product runs, rather we cater to customer looking for batch processing of a custom rubber product. Field Rubber are a dependable supplier of polymer and rubber solutions in Auckland and around New Zealand. Contact us today to learn more about the products and services we offer.
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