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Rubber Sheeting

Rubber Sheet Supplier in Auckland

If you are looking for trustworthy rubber sheet suppliers in Auckland, New Zealand, then Field Rubber Ltd are the right people for the job. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in manufacturing rubber and polymer parts, we can custom make rubber components to suit a wide variety of applications. 

Properties and Applications of Rubber Sheets

Rubber sheets are used in a number of industrial sectors due to their insulating properties. They are also highly customisable, being easy to cut, shape and fold for a precise function. This makes them ideal for use in applications that require sealing and protection. 

In addition, their ability to provide a high level of resistance to substances like petroleum, UV lights and oil makes them a popular flooring material. Other applications include manufacturing automotive accessories, designing orthopaedic footwear and sandblasting curtains. 

In domestic settings, they are used as bathroom mats to prevent slipping accidents. 

Being versatile, cost effective, easy to use and readily available, rubber sheets are some of the most functional and reliable materials around. 
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Rubber Sheets from Field Rubber Ltd

Field Rubber Ltd is the leading manufacturer and supplier of rubber sheets in Auckland. Our team has over five decades of experience working with rubber, allowing us to provide affordable products that are unmatched in quality. 

We offer a wide range of polymer and rubber components, which can be custom made to meet your specific requirements. Our extensive selection of products includes:
  • General components
    - grommets, brushes, seals, matting and much more
  • Industrial components
    - bellows, impellors, wheels, rubber extrusions and much more
  • Architectural fittings
    - door stops, bearing pads, furniture fittings and much more
Field Rubber Ltd is the leading manufacturer of rubber components in Auckland and are able to supply rubber sheets New Zealand-wide. Do not hesitate to call us to see how we can help you. 
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